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fee war? what fee war?

12-Aug-2018 09:37:48 / by Agency Allstars

Who says clients want cheap fees??

On one of my many outings recently with one of my amazing consultancy clients, we listed a home at a price and fee of our choosing.

We (my clients business) used to be 1%, NOT ANY MORE! (81% RISE IN AVERAGE FEE NOW)!

The competing agent, who had offered 1%, upon hearing the news that they had not listed it, informed the client that they would "UNDERCUT THE FEE WE WERE OFFERING".... imagine their surprise when our client informed them that...'THEY ALREADY HAD BY 0.5%"!!!.

This is what will now happen to this agent, after they have stopped scratching their head and wondering how we did it.. They will inform their team that they 'LOST IT ON FEE' but I wonder if they would actually tell the truth to their team, that they lost it due to a higher fee. I guess not, so the issue with fees in this country will rage on, as the next generation of listers for this company will continue to believe that PEOPLE INSTRUCT DUE TO FEE, when this is absolute RUBBISH.

A well presented, passionate delivery backed with personality and facts will ALWAYS prevail over unimaginative and STERILE delivery.

PEOPLE 70% PROPERTY 30% focus on THEM not IT.

Oh and remember a good estate agent will always ensure the BUYER always pays the fees not the client!! (and I don't mean SALE BY TENDER)!

BOOM !!!!

* *Bryan Mansell works with private consultancy clients and training clients all over the UK, he has yet to find a town or region where the fee cannot be raised by better serving the people in the transaction.

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