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The importance of your front line team...

28-Sep-2018 10:46:27 / by Sarah Edmundson

When was the last time you asked your team, be it valuers, negotiators or administrative staff what ideas they have for the business?

In the last year we have had the privilege to train and coach nearly 2000 estate agents, from negotiators to business owners, sales progressors to listers, and everyone in between.  It has been wonderful, eye opening and a great learning curve for us here at Allstars.

The reason?

We have found that almost without exception what the business owner thinks the business needs and what the team at the coalface think the business needs are often diametrically opposed. NOW, we know that “thinks needs” and “actually needs” can be two very different things and we know that the limited exposure to headline business performance (P&L) can sometimes be a limiting factor to a negs thought process, BUT fundamentally - your team are engaging with your customers EVERY SINGLE DAY - so they are closest to the people that pay the bills!  Not only that they are often right up to speed with latest technology and trends - its all very important and really as business owners - we should at the very least listen.

As Richard Branson said - “Success in business is all about people, people, people. Whatever industry a company is in, its employees are its biggest competitive advantage”

So - where should we start - well - here are a few tips;

  • What is each of your teams individual and REAL motivation? Why do they (REALLY) want that extra commission/higher fee/more sales…?

Is it to pay for school fees, a new car, a holiday, pay a credit card off, treat their partner?  As the leader of a business you should really know this - it is at the heart of YOUR business - make this part of your weekly routine - discuss informally and help your team achieve their individual goals.

  • Hold One to Ones - Effective, productive one to ones - not just form filling.

Look out for our download coming soon in a later blog - The Perfect one to one.


It might be number 3, but it is SO important!! If you are in a small company - do this informally, in addition larger companies should be thinking about employee satisfaction surveys - its helps with engagement but also guides you, as a business, into good decisions.


‘What two things would you start doing and what two things would you stop doing in the business, tomorrow that you think would help us be more successful?

  • Create a decision making culture

If you empower your teams to make decisions and coach and train them to be not only decisive but take ownership and responsibility, you will have more productive and efficient teams.

So, ”Autonomy is the spice of life” (Edmundson 2018)

OK so I’m sure that people are not going to quote that for the rest of time but empower your people, listen to them, and if they need help, new ideas and motivation to navigate these challenging times then talk to us at Allstars - its very probable we can help!


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