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Warning - advice about emoov

06-Dec-2018 10:04:13 / by Bryan Mansell

Don’t be fooled by the collapse of emoov!

Having spoken to many agents over the last few days, I thought a word of caution to our Allstars clients past, present and future would be wise. As emoov announced they were appointing administrators, it is easy to jump to the conclusion that the end is nigh for the ‘online estate agency disruptors’ you may all be right of course, however a word of reminder for all estate agents; When companies fail, lessons are learned, and new strategies are formed and executed.

There are many examples, three that are worthy of note are the failures of Evan Williams, Nick Woodman and Reid Hoffman, Williams co founded Odeo which after failing and closing its doors went on to form social media heavyweight Twitter. Woodman had a disaster with FunBug before going on to found global mega brand GoPro, Hoffman had tasted failure with SocialNet and from the lessons learnt went on to co-found LinkedIn (which you might have even found this post on). You only have to read the excellent book by Matthew Syed (Black Box Thinking) to see the growth and opportunity that comes from failure.

Don’t be too quick to jump on the bandwagon that this is the end, it may well be the beginning of the next bigger thing?

However, my belief is that this also could show us that there are some services that the great British public just want to use on our high street, not everything can be replaced by passive intermediaries. We still use the gym, when we can exercise at home with apps and videos of fitness classes, and last time I checked we cannot eat online! We cannot get our car fixed online, we cannot get our haircut online etc etc, it may be that we don’t want to sell our homes online either, who knows?

What is for sure, and the same applies to the services above, is that we can book our appointments online and get valuable information and advice online. Technology has a place in a supporting role by providing a better, more convenient customer experience, however we still need experts, professionals and figures of authority with many of the things we buy and services we use.

This could just be the new dawn for Estate Agency!!

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