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THE ultimate course for Listers, Aspiring Listers, Managers and Business Owners


Ever wondered why some agents can list at 2 % even in 2018? License to List is absolute gold dust for both sales and lettings agents. It has only been available to private clients – UNTIL NOW!

You will be taken completely back to basics, then challenged, questioned, and coached in ground breaking new and proven methods – by people who have consistently listed at higher fees.

We have officially thrown out the rule book. Even in these challenging times of onliners, low stock and low fees – we are helping people and businesses to list more and list at higher fees.

We believe there is no such thing as a 1% town and we will show you how and why you should believe this too!


What's On the Course?

  • Whats the point of an increase, surely if I charge more I will list less? – WRONG!
  • The customer thinks differently to you and wont tell you until its too late!
  • The customer is the only Local Property expert you need to worry about!
  • Being Different - how and why.
  • First in last out - does it matter?
  • Hands up if your a valuer? Or are you a marketeer?
  • The importance of understanding and using the supermarket shelf
  • Market vs Marketing - using both to increase your performance
  • Awesome presentation - the critical role it plays.
  • The king and queen of the close
  • Being 2 nil up before you go
  • All you need is LOVE - making sure your customers LOVE you forever.
  • We don’t negotiate our FEES!


"great investment", "really refreshing approach", "EXCEPTIONAL".

Let Bryan tell you more about the course...

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